For Children

  • Kids Art Club | After school Art Club for 5-10yr olds. Cass Art, Kingston
  • Private Art Tutoring for Kids | Home-based art tutoring
  • Children’s Art Parties | Creative Birthday Parties 
  • Art Books We create books of your children’s artwork

For Adults & Families

  • Mindful Creativity | Drawing classes for adults
  • Coaching Private 1-1 positive psychology coaching for adults

For Schools and Learning Environments

  • Kids Creativity Club | After-school club
  • Story Spheres Mindful Drawing workshops 
  • Bespoke Events | Fairs, Fetes and celebrations

For Organisations and Businesses

  • Bespoke Events We can pop-up in any location and run mindful creativity activities
  • Businesses | Fancy a break from the office? We’ll come and calm your staff
  • Talks | With SketchBetter Founder, Kate Andrews 

Open to All

  • Exhibitions | Art and community exhibitions
  • Draw Days | Community murals to celebrate and explore themes such as happiness.
  • Experiments | Where positive psychology, creativity, well-being and art converge
  • Kingston’s Cardboard Challenge | Annual makers event for all the family! 

For all enquiries, email Kate Andrews at

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