Understanding Paint
“Acrylics are really good because you can go over something if you want to change it. I changed my road from brown to grey. I’ll wait to paint the road markings once it’s dry. They [acrylic paints] dry really quickly.” Esther, 6.
“You think you are finished, but then you just keep painting and realise there is more you can do.” Sophia, 6.
2016-03-22 16.58.38.jpg
“I’ve add some trees in the background of the painting. Because they are further away, they are really really tiny.” Sophia, 6.
2016-03-22 16.58.11.jpg
Colour Theory and Kindness
“I’ve made a new type or orange, does anyone want to use it too?” Phoebe, 6.
Feedback and Supporting Others
“I think she could improve it [her painting] by making the them [the trees and grass] different shades of green.” Phoebe, 6.
Mindful Drawing at Turner Contemporary
Inspiration and Curiosity
“I do not understand why children cannot go to space yet! My drawing is of pmt favourite planet, Mars.” Max, age 5.