Mindful Creativity with Smart Design


13701114_1051358568288260_5339627938261446991_oI ran a 2 hour Mindful Creativity workshop for the design team at Smart Design London this summer. After a powerful hour, learning about mindfulness – what it is and how it can help us, I taught the team some techniques to help them practice being more mindful in their every day lives.

We did a group meditation and then the team took part in a 45 minute Story Spheres exercise, with some outstanding insights and responses.

Well done Smart! Keep practicing. x


“Whoever you are, whatever you do, find time to book in a session with Kate Andrews at SketchBetter. We had an incredibly powerful two hour session with her at our London office, with each and every one of us learning something to actively improve our mental health. We are a creative consultancy who use our imaginations every day but rarely stop to think how to maintain good mental health.

In the fast paced business world today it’s hard to stop but the effectiveness of her work is immeasurable. I cannot recommend SketchBetter highly enough.”

– Ruby Steel, Senior Design Strategist, Smart Design.


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