A Treeterrific Design Lab!

During the Easter half term I ran the first SketchBetter Design Lab with five exceptional young ladies, aged 6- 10 years old. I was so blown away by their creativity, motivation and teamwork. Here’s a quick overview of the three day lab, which set out to teach them the design process.

Day One: Defining the Challenge

On our first morning we discussed a range of problems, challenges and interests – we had discussions on homelessness, poverty, lying, friendships, equality and environmental issues like deforestation, pollution and climate change. The girls used mind-mapping and voting skills. 

  • What upsets us?: Deforestation, climate change and pollution.
  • Chosen challenge: The Environment

2016-04-06 10.44.04.jpg

2016-04-06 12.02.54

Day Two: Designing a Solution

Having voted as a group to work on the Environment and Climate Change as their challenge, the girls came up with an idea to make a Science Show, which they would make entirely themselves and put on Youtube for parents and other kids to watch. The girls decided on a series of key features including an interpretive dance performance, an Eco-Fashion segment and a live Science Experiment. They then got to making and wrote their own storyboard.

2016-04-07 15.35.46

The Eco-Fashion Designers fitting their outfits on the Presenters

2016-04-07 15.36.11

Experiment Trials

2016-04-07 15.35.58

Model to show the impact of littering on animals and plants.

Day Three: Presenting the Final Solution

On our third morning the girls got very busy making the show. They learnt about film and how we needed to shoot a series of short scenes and then stitch them together to make the final show. They learnt how to use a tripod and a video camera. They decided the locations, created their own sets and wrote their own scripts.

2016-04-08 12.13.00 copy

Presenting and Filming

2016-04-08 20.42.05

The Outdoor Set

The final show was absolutely incredible. Everyone had a great time and the resounding conclusion was “When can we do the Design Lab again?”

We’ll be running at least one Design Lab in the Summer Holidays at Cass Art in Kingston, so stay tuned for dates and information.



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