SketchBetter Workshop: Maple Village WI Surbiton

WI Sketch Better

On Monday evening, we joined over fifty women of the Maple Village WI at The Copper Kettle in Surbiton, for an evening of mindfulness, creativity and drawing.

It was a lovely atmosphere, where the ladies were introduced to mindfulnesses (most for the very first time), exercised their creativity with two drawing challenges, practiced focusing the mind in meditation and drew emotions and experiences with Story Spheres.

SketchBetter Workshop: Maple Village WI Surbiton

SketchBetter Workshop: Maple Village WI, Surbiton

“Mindfulness is more akin to an art form that one develops over time, and it is greatly enhanced through regular disciplined practice, both formally and informally on a daily basis.” Jon Kabat-Zinn, 2003

Here are some responses to our first Creativity Exercise: Incomplete Drawings (an adaptation of Ellis Paul Torrence’s 1966 ‘Incomplete Figures’ creativity test and Kate Franck’s 1958 ‘Drawing Completion’ test), where everyone was given abstract shapes to make pictures from.

SketchBetter - Drawing Exercise

A beautiful response to our Complete the Drawing Challenge

We rounded up the evening with some story-telling and drawing our feelings. Here are a some of the Story Spheres:

“This was great. I suddenly feel so fortunate that my mother taught me things like this – to be mindful – when I was young.” Female workshop participant

Thank you ladies for having us.

Kate x

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The Paperclip Challenge

What is Mindfulness?


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