SketchBetter Kids Club

SketchBetter Kids Club!

Wow. I can hardly believe we are here already. This week marks week four of our sparkly new six-week Art Club for Kids and what a hoot it’s been so far. With two weeks to go, I thought I’d give you a little insight to what we’ve been up to, and to let you know about the New Year Art Club dates!


SketchBetter Kids – Canvas Painting – Inspired by Piet Mondrian

SketchBetter Kids Art Club launched straight after the Story Spheres exhibition came down, which was a lovely transition. We kicked off week one with canvas painting and learnt about the life and practice of Piet Mondrian. 


SketchBetter Kids – Learning about David Hockney

In week two we explored the art of British artist David Hockney and tried out our very own photomontage collages.

For our third week everyone was presented with the challenge to create a three-dimensional sculpture, using coloured paper strips and/or wooden sticks. This was a great opportunity to discuss what we mean by creativity and how differently everybody approached the challenge.

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 19.43.46

3D Paper Sculptures

This week we took off our shoes and did our first observational drawing studies. We learnt how to sketch, do shading, add shadows and we discussed all the details, shapes and textures about our shoes. This week was my favourite as the kids did so well drawing what they could see, and everyone gave each other feedback.

About SketchBetter Kids

SketchBetter Kids is a new after-school Art Club for children age 5-12years old, held weekly at Cass Art in Kingston upon Thames.

The course is designed as a six-week programme, that will take kids on a journey through the nature of creativity and human imagination. There’ll be experiments, collaborations, projects and mindfulness. Kids will learn craft skills, such as marbling and 3D drawing, as well as life-long creative skills such as empowerment, resillience, mistake-making and innovation.

SketchBetter's Big Family Draw

SketchBetter Kids – The Big Draw Celebration, October 2015

Each class will start with a mindful calming activity and include group and individual elements. Children are given their very own sketchbook and are   championed through the course to build upon areas of interest. They can bring sketchbooks to each class for feedback and encouragement – introducing them to self-directed study.

Club Values

  1. Creativity: Create and try new things, in innovative ways
  2. Resilience: Bounce back after a challenge or mistake
  3. Empowerment: Believe in your own ability and that of others
  4. Strengths: Focus on things you and others are good at
  5. Empathy: Show kindness to yourself and listen to others
  6. Mindfulness: Participate and focus on now.
SketchBetter Kid's Art Club, Kingston

SketchBetter Kids – Marbling


SketchBetter Kids – New Year Art Club

7th January – 11th February 2015

Thursdays, 4.30-6pm (90mins)

£40 for 6 week programme

or £10 / week (subject to availability)

Bookings: SketchBetter Kids – New Year Art Club

Kids can attend the whole course, or drop in to the weekly classes. Places are limited so please book early to avoid disappointment. Save by booking all 6 classes.

All participating children receive 10% off materials in Cass Art on the day of attending the workshop class.

Email me at for any enquiries.





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