NEW Kids Art Club in Kingston to teach Creativity and Mindfulness

We’re excited to introduce SketchBetter’s sparkly *NEW* six-week Art Club for Kids, led by me – Artist, Designer and Positive Psychology champion Kate Andrews.

The six-week course – running from 12 November to 17 December 2015, every Thursday after school from 4.30-6pm at Cass Art Kingston – will take participating children on a journey through the nature of creativity and human imagination.

“This is the best after-school club we’ve ever been to!” Mother to 6yr old girl

SketchBetter Kids - Free Drawing

Mindful Drawing

There’ll be experiments, collaborations, projects and mindfulness. There might even be some balloons and dancing. Kids will learn craft skills, such as marbling, model-making and 3D drawing, as well as life-long creative skills such as confidence, abstract thinking, empowerment, emotional resilience, mistake-making and innovation.

Each class will start and end with a mindful calming activity and include a group and individual element. Children will be given their very own sketchbook and will be mentored through the course to build upon an area of interest. They can bring sketchbooks to each class for feedback and encouragement – introducing them to self-directed study.

Cardboard Challenge Kingston 2015

Exploring our imaginations and innovating

SketchBetter Kid's Art Club, Kingston

Learning craft skills and team-work


  1. Week 1: Thursday 12th November, 4.30-6pm
  2. Week 2: Thursday 19th November, 4.30-6pm
  3. Week 3: Thursday 26th November, 4.30-6pm
  4. Week 4: Thursday 3rd December, 4.30-6pm
  5. Week 5: Thursday 10th December, 4.30-6pm
  6. Week 6: Thursday 17th December, 4.30-6pm

Kids can attend the whole course, or drop in to the weekly classes. Save £5 by booking all 6 classes. All participating children receive 10% off materials in Cass Art on the day of attending the workshop class.

Book today at

For any enquiries email me at

SketchBetter - Imaginary Worlds

Oscar’s Imaginary World

Kingston's Cardboard Challenge with SketchBetter

Jaz & Co, makers of Hovercrafts


Plenty of Fun!

SketchBetter Kids

1-1 SketchBook Feedback

SketchBetter Kids - Kate Andrews

Personalised Learning

See you there!

Kate x


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