A Kungfu Robot, Spaceship HQ and an Underwater Car at Kingston’s Cardboard Challenge

Yesterday we held Kingston Upon Thames’ first Cardboard Challenge at Cass Art, as part of the Global Day of Play happening in 75 other countries around the world!

Kingston's Cardboard Challenge - SketchBetter Kids

What an amazing day we had, with kids and their families making creations from cardboard and recyclables. 

Global Cardboard Challenge - Kingston Upon Thames - SketchBetter

It’s day like this that humble me. It’s days like this that convince me of the need to bring hands-on creativity and happiness to children and adults. We are creative and emotional human beings and these things should be harnessed and celebrated! We had a room full of very empowered children yesterday.

Kingston Upon Thames - Cardboard Challenge

Here’s a few inventions from the day:

A Flat-Pack Safety Car and a Hideaway-Moveable House on Stilts:

Harry’s Kungfu Robot!:

Kingston's Cardboard Challenge - SketchBetter Kids

Kingston Cardboard Challenge

Jaz & Co Headquarters, a business where spaceships and hovercrafts are built:

A Terror Tunnel and Games Experience:

Global Cardboard Challenge - Kingston Upon Thames - SketchBetter

Here’s the other inventions the children created today:

  • The Scare Land – featuring a scary tunnel experience and a terrifying pitch black rocking boat;
  • A Rocket Base Camp (for space) with spaceship garage and a floating playground;
  • Jaz & Co headquarters – a business where hovercraft and spacecrafts are built;
  • Sketch Cars! a new company of flatpack cars you can carry, special feats. incl. safety diesel and underwater capability;
  • a series of musical instruments;
  • The Freddie Express – a boat for the makers younger brother, feat. sails, port holes, propellor and steering wheel;
  • a Magical Castle with sparkles and a tower;
  • a Fire Station and Fire Engine with spinning ladders and practice towers;
  • a Cat and Animal Playbox with seaweed like doors;
  • a large Army Tank;
  • a HUGE maze to crawl inside;
  • a Mini Arcade with five games to play;
  • a Scary Door (conceptual artist in the making there)
  • ….and a Kungfu Robot!

Happy Mental HEALTH Day.


See you next year! Find out more about Caine’s Arcade and The Global Cardboard Challenge. #cardboardchallenge

Images copyright of SketchBetter, used with permission of parents/guardians.


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