Mindful Creativity: The Creativity Challenge

On Saturday we held our third and final pilot art workshop at Cass Art in Kingston. We sold out, which was such a great way to round up the workshops! 

Creativity Challenges

We kicked off the session with some Creativity Challenges – did anyone see a paperclip? The group were then introduced to mindfulness and participated in a 15minute guided meditation.

Story Spheres

Then everyone mindfully created a Story Sphere, or two. We had some wonderful entries to the October exhibition from today’s participants. Here are some of their titles:

  • Problem Solving
  • Ruined
  • Going Round in Circles
  • Cogs Whirling
  • Routine Added Rebel
  • From Here to There
  • Exploration of Self
  • Cycles
  • Towards Stillness
  • Reality Clash
  • Death isn’t the End
  • Regret of Procrastination

That’s it! The SketchBetter pilot workshops are complete! Thank you to everyone who came, sketched, meditated, volunteered and supported me. It’s been amazing and we’ve got heaps of ideas for the future.

SketchBetter Pilot workshops

SketchBetter Pilot workshops

We’ll be back at CASS ART Kingston soon, with more events and workshops.

In October, we’ll be running an event series and exhibition of Story Spheres, to officially launch SketchBetter. Find out more and take part in our exhibition here.


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