Mindful Creativity: Drawing and Sharing Stories

We had our second adult workshop on Saturday 1st August at Cass Art in Kingston where we spent two hours exploring happiness, mindfulness and drawing. We kicked off with a discussion on happiness and mindfulness, wrote letters of gratitude, did a group Mindfulness meditation and then spent an hour focusing our minds through drawing. 

Sketching Better

Story Spheres

We heard some authentic, joyful, reflective and emotional stories this week. Here’s some of the titles and descriptions

  • Togetherness – Everyone is connected and together
  • Falling Elements – When jumping between platforms, sometimes you loose things
  • Balance – One student explained that her Story Sphere shows a balance of elements in her life
  • Finding a Path – This one is about finding a path when one is uncertain
  • Chaos Becomes Calm – In a stressful job, remaining calm is important
  • Past Present Future – A young adult about to start university reflects on the transition
  • Guilt, Fear and Sadness – Honest feelings about this lady’s Breast Cancer diagnosis
  • New Beginning | Past  Starting a career in teaching feels like a beginning and end of something
  • Suffocation – Not able to breathe. A continuous line is only broken once, shown with annotation
  • The Future of My Past – Current feelings about change as this young man approaches university

Thank you to those of you who contributed their Story Spheres to our October exhibition this week!

Thanks to everyone who came – you guys had a wonderful energy.

Next week, we’ll be doing a mindfulness breathing scan, a quick sketching challenge designed to evidence imaginations at work and everyone will create a Story Sphere. The workshop will run from 10am-12noon at Cass Art in Kingston Upon Thames. Places are limited, so book now at sketchbetter15.eventbrite.co.uk.


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