SketchBetter Kids

Kid’s Art Club – Can We Marble the Balloons?

On Friday 31st July, we were joined by 14 kids from across Surrey for two hours of creativity and explorations.

SketchBetter Kid's Art Club, Kingston

We kicked off with doodling all the things that make us happy onto the wall, then shared our doodles with the group. Then everyone took part in a super fun marbling activity. Even the parents seemed eager to stay for this! Everyone produced 3 unique pieces of art work and some of the older children managed to make 10 beautiful creations… each. 

Marbling Creations

We had a group clean up and set up for 15 minutes quiet time sketching in our sketchbooks. The brief, draw anything you like. The kids didn’t struggle to think of things – in fact, three of them filled their sketchbooks with ideas.

Calm Free Drawing

To round up the workshop the group spent 45 minutes creating their very own Story Sphere or two. These 5-10 year olds were challenged to think about how they were feeling in that exact moment, think about what’s happening in their lives and observe it and then create a Story Sphere through drawing patterns and shapes to share it.

Story Spheres – What’s Your Story Today?

A fantastic morning, with some truly wonderful personalities. Thank you all for coming!

Next week we’ll be introducing the kids to drawing BIG (Can you draw something bigger than yourself?), we’ll be making colourful paper collages inspired by Henri Matisse and they’ll be a calming drawing session to create individual Story Spheres. Friday 7th August, 10-12noon at The Art Space, Cass Art in Kingston. Book now at

(All photographs are copyright of SketchBetter. Taken by Kate Andrews and April Chitty, with parental permission).


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