Exam Factories causing Youth Meltdowns

Commissioned by the National Union of Teachers and conducted independently by Merryn Hutchings, emeritus professor at London Metropolitan University, Exam Factories? is a report published today. The report highlights the negative impact on children and young people in England of the current range of accountability measures in schools. It’s shocking. 

Story Sphere: Free to Learn by Kate Andrews.

Story Sphere: Free to Learn by Kate Andrews.

James Meikle sums it up in his article Children ‘in complete meltdown’ over exams on The Guardian today:

  • Children aged 10 or 11 are said to be “in complete meltdown”, in tears, or feeling sick during tests, and problems can be made worse by their competitive parents.
  • “Self-harming is rife” at key stage 4 (14- to 16-year-olds).
  • “The problems are caused by increased pressure from tests/exams, [children’s] greater awareness at younger ages of their own ‘failure’, and the increased rigour and academic demands of the curriculum.”

Find out more from the National Union of Teachers and download the Exam Factories? report.


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